Virtual Assistant Needed

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Virtual Assistant Employers

Virtual Assistant Needed is a pre-screening company. Due to the massive amount of responses most companies and individuals receive in regards to a virtual assistant position they need to fill - many can no longer even attempt to try and fill this type of position.
That is where Virtual Assistant Needed steps in and pre-screens for them. Potential employers send us the job description, qualifications and home office essentials that they require.
We in-turn go over each submitted resume with a fine tooth comb. We make sure all qualifications are met and that each candidate has been at a minimum interviewed over the phone.

Virtual Assistant Needed
  " Run by Virtual Assistants for the Virtual World."


Question: How can I be sure I'll get a qualified candidate?

Answer: We make sure that at a minimum, basic Virtual Assistant capabilities are met. For instance...

1. Quiet home office. (No kids or pets in background.)
2. Newer model computer with DSL or Cable internet access.
3. Printer
4. Designated email fax. Preferred program is Ring Central
5. Designated work email.
6. Working phone line. (Or cellphone)
Many candidates have already taken advantage of online training offered by Career Step. Courses for Professional Secretary and Medical Transcription are very popular and we advise potential Virtual Assistants to look over the Free Career Kit that Career Step offers.
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